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IComm Europe offers the combination of brand strategy and direct to the consumer sales, providing European wide sales, marketing and distribution for direct to consumer products in the Beauty, Fitness and Homeware categories.

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This is what we do...

We invest in brands, developing European sales and marketing strategies that lead to effective sales campaigns for the brands we distribute, these campaigns are produced reflecting the brand positioning and market segmentation strategy that can either be supplied directly from the product owner or we can provide support in their development.


IComm Europe develop European wide sales, market and distribution strategies, we continually reviewing these strategic plans to ensure that we are taking advantage of each and every product sales opportunity. We dig into the market, providing insight and strategic direction, after all knowing your consumer is only the first in many steps.


We create truly impactful marketing campaigns that can be integrated across channels. We produce TV infomercials that sell, Online social and search campaigns that drive traffic and sales to websites that are constantly developed to optimise the sale and customer experience. Outreach campaigns from our in-house contact centre drive sales from carefully crafted data to develop the up and cross sell.


We distribute throughout Europe, with warehousing in the UK, IComm Europe are well positioned to service all European territories. We import and manage product distribution from a single operations office, ensuring seamless information and logistical flow.


Direct sales to the consumer gives the opportunity to build relationships between the brand and the consumer that invests in that brand. Customer relationship management is the real science of connecting the consumer to the brand experience, creating loyalty and ongoing sales.


This is how we do it...

The way consumers buy and connect with products is changing and it will continue to change. At IComm Europe we sell and distribute to the consumer through both direct and indirect channels, including Live TV Shopping, TV Infomercials, Online Social and Search and Outreach Marketing. Each aimed at maximising sales whilst building the brand and the relationship for that brand with the customer.


This is where we do it...

We distribute and sell throughout Europe and have existing relationships in every European member country. We work directly with buyers and media owners in each of the countries to provide a single strategic source to a market of over 500m consumers. We have extensive regulatory knowledge for the distribution and marketing of products within Europe and can create marketing assets that speak in any language.


This is who we work with...

Focused on Beauty, Fitness and Homewares, IComm Europe works with some of the largest and most dynamic brands in the industry. Brands that have a great understanding of the value of strategy and how that will develop ongoing sales into the long term. We are highly selective of the brands we work with, at IComm Europe we believe in doing a fantastic job for the few rather than a fair job for the many.



Get in touch with us...

We are always happy to talk, communication is what we’re all about! Whether you’re a product owner that wants to gain greater focus, or a media channel that we should be digging into, let’s chat. In this ever changing world we are more than ready.